Increasing mathematical literacy for an increasingly complex world.


About Calibrate

Currently, less than half of high school students are ready for college level math and by 2018, 92% of traditional STEM jobs will be for those with at least some post-secondary education and training. We want to close that gap. Calibrate has created a revolutionary way to learn math and science by using kinesthetic and responsive feedback. 

Calibrate is an immersive way for students to explore Mathematics. Students learn algebra by using hand gestures to manipulate expressions or equations. They are working within a closed system of algebra, so every gesture they make is mathematically correct. Because everything they are doing to the numbers is correct, students suddenly gain a great amount of freedom to explore how algebra works. They learn the right way, right away.

Using this freedom, students can test their own ideas about how numbers work and even find unexpected properties. Students who struggle with math will be able to hypothesize and test their ideas about the behavior of numbers and get instant feedback. Students who excel can explore as deeply as they want into the algebraic structure. Students can now identify their strengths and weaknesses by receiving insights via machine learning. They can access personalized lessons and homework anytime, anywhere.

Calibrate for Teachers

Calibrate is not just a revolutionary new tool for students. Calibrate provides a suite of tools to help teachers focus on what they were meant to do -- teach. They can construct interactive lessons that are flexible enough for both regular and flipped classrooms. Lessons are created in an upgraded slideshow format. Teachers can demonstrate the workings of algebra with guided examples, as well as give students problems to solve on their own devices within the lesson. The lessons can be prerecorded, or recorded in the classroom. Students will always be able to access them. Teachers can also create assignments for their students to complete. Students can factor expressions, solve equations, construct equations from word problems and so much more. Also, with Calibrate, grading is completely automated. Teachers will be able to generate sophisticated analytics for individual students, assignments, or problems. Teachers can finally see exactly where students are struggling, both on a per assignment basis and a conceptual basis. They can also see how the whole class did on assignments in order to fine-tune their instructional methods.

Teachers can quickly see:

  • Individual student steps toward a solution
  • Trending classroom steps toward a solution
  • Unique approaches toward a solution
  • What types of questions are causing problems in their classrooms
  • Which students are struggling in their classrooms
  • Which students are excelling in their classrooms

These insights are no longer reserved for teachers with experience and sustained vigilance. These insights can be generated in comprehensive reports that will give every teacher a clear picture of how learning is taking place in their classrooms.

Calibrate for Administrators and Policy-Makers

Calibrate's unique approach to learning has the added benefit of being able to capture every bit of learning that takes place in the classroom. This feature will not only allow our teachers to gain great insight into their students' learning, but it will also give administrators and policy-makers a rich repository of data that will allow them to take a truly data-driven approach to improving educational quality in their schools. Administrators can quickly see what instructional methods are working with cross-classroom analysis in order to implement the most effective district policies. Policy Makers can consult with Calibrate to find the polices that successful districts are implementing in order to create effective, informed policies on a state and national level.